Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Great Mendoza

Hetty Sorrel has enjoyed but rarely the society of famous people, but (as I relate in my autobiography), I had once the honour of meeting the famed pugilist Daniel Mendoza. He it was who introduced the 'scientific' method to the art of boxing, whereby, as my friend Reuben so eloquently put it, a little man may dream of felling his Goliath; for, before Mendoza came, there was not the footwork and blocking wherein lies most of the skill. Let me here introduce a website wherein the knowledgeable Kathleen Duffy (whose rights I beg you to respect, on pain of the usual punishments) will supply you with more information on this Topick than ever your humble servant could. Notice that Mendoza had, as I termed it, a 'speaking eye', though when I met him he was, alas, long past the peak of his career and looks: http://boxers.suite101.com/article.cfm/daniel_mendoza_first_jewish_boxing_champion

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