Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hetty and Amazon

Clever people who know all about blogs have just been showing me how to link Amazon with my...I think it's called a URL; anyhow, this thing we are on now.  This means- if I understand aright- that everytime I mention a book or anything else sold by Amazon, you will be able to look it up instanter and perhaps even purchase it. This will be a very fine thing for my attached friend Ruth Raven, who is always wanting to talk about her book Hetty, or, To Hell with Adam Bede.  Will you credit it- if you but look up her delightful volume, even without buying it, Amazon will immediately drop a coin into my impoverished friend's tattered reticule.  What a wonderful thing is modern life!  And how many excellent tomes will Hetty Sorrel recommend to you!

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