Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somewhat Concerning my Attached Friend, Ruth Raven

My attached friend, Ruth Raven, who has so meticulously followed my footsteps in 'Hetty, or, To Hell with Adam Bede' (available from tells me that she is soon to endure a mastectomy- her second. To cheer her, I have directed her to Miss Fanny Burney's description of he own operation which she underwent in the year 1811 without anaesthetic. If you are of a hearty disposition you may care to read it here:
Miss Burney, you will remember, is the famed diarist and author of Evalina to which novel I once hoped to introduce my friends the Mud Magpie People. Well! Perhaps Miss Burney is more famed today for her early friendship with the poet John Keats, but I assure you that Evalina may be purchased from, and from something called Kindle, of which Hetty Sorrel is very ignorant.

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