Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Subject of Some Delicacy

Readers of Hetty, or, To Hell with Adam Bede by Ruth Raven (available from www.amazon.com) will doubtless be curious as to the libertine watches mentioned therein.  Hetty would not wish to sully her well-mannered blog with the dreaded words adult content, so the example shown here is one of the mildest of the genre. My old friend Mrs Fagin explains them thus, in the chapter called 'The Triumph of Eros over Time':
The are called libertine watches, but that does not make the owners of 'em libertines, at least not all of them. In Switzerland, where folk have a very passion fro watches, people give them out to the bride's maids at weddings, to signify that the time is fast ticking away until their own marriage bed. Among rich people they make pretty birthday gifts, for putting a bawdy scene inside a watch is like defiance to Old Father Time himself, who, if he exists, would rather see a death's head with worms crawling out of the eye sockets than a lusty couple at the baby-making business.'

And that, my dear readers, is as saucy as this blog gets.

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