Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time for a Little Levity

One cannot always be down in the dumps with melancholia or the megrims, and even Hetty Sorrel can laugh at herself.  I urge you to watch this delightful summary of Adam Bede, and would only like to correct its authors on the following points:
1.  I was never married to Adam Bede- dreadful thought!- though I was engaged to him a short time.
2.  He was certainly not an 'old man', though certainly he was wise and solemn for his years.
3. I did not bear my child in the forest, though I left it there.
4. Arthur Donnithorne did not bring tidings of my pardon to my prison cell, but to the very gallows- though I am sure that the fault does not lie with the authors of this synopsis, for they were probably unable to show the galloping horse.

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